Friday, 10 February 2012

All By Myself

I signed up for a creative writing course in the fall, which was suppose to start on January 13th. The course started, without me in it. Since I've been unemployed, I needed the money, I dropped out so I could get the money back. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that if I wasn't going to be able to take the course, I'd attempt to teach myself. I went to the library, and checked out half a dozen books on creative writing, fiction writing, and even one on writing my memoir.

One area of this book I'm reading through now, it kind of is striking a chord with me. Funny as it sounds, but it's about journaling (not blogging), but I suppose in a way my journal does have some ideas in it. A lot of it is song lyrics, but I think the song lyrics speak to what my life was like at the time, or how it reflected on my personal life. Some of the lyrics were pretty dark and depressing it sounds like, but I never thought about it. I bought this book a bunch of years ago. I went shopping, and spent all kinds of money I shouldn't of spent for my birthday. It's a real nice book, not just a cheap spiral note book, it has a spine and everything. Not all of it is just song lyrics, there are some story ideas, and maybe a couple lame paragraphs where I was whining about how much I thought my life sucked. Really, my life has always been pretty great, I was just at a really dark point where I felt lost and alone I guess. I wouldn't change a thing about my past or my present now.

Don't throw out your writing. This is something I've heard time and time again. Lately, all I wanna do is throw out anything I begin. Or, I'll write a few sentences or maybe a paragraph and then scratch it because its "dumb". Guess I won't be doing that anymore. Soon my computer will be crowded with really bad writings :-) I have some "fan-fic" type stories that I still have, but they're so unbelievably bad and unbelievable, it'd really be both embarassing to both myself and the person I subjected to, to read them. One of them is so long, it could be a novel. It's way too long to be a short story, and just long enough to be a small novel maybe. Only if it weren't so terribly lame. Sometimes it is fun to go back and re-read though. If nothing else, they're good for a laugh. For my eyes only.

Some of these books I've been looking at have a lot of good information. Story structure, ideas, characters, tons of stuff. Though I don't have any ideas yet, I'm excited to go through these books some more, and see what's in store for my creative future. I can't wait for my mind to be as open as it once was, only brilliantly. It's really time to get my award-winning novel going here!